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Kiitos - A High Quality Vodka.

Einstein praised the universe when he discovered everything is relative. Newton was grateful for the apple. Now it’s your moment for a thank you.

“Thank you” expressed by a Finn is a rarity and a result of long ripening. Kiitos vodka distilled from pure grain and crystal clear water exudes the same consideration – while reflecting also the values from Finland.

Enjoy responsibly and cold.

0,5l / 40% vol

Our story

Kiitos vodka was established in Tallinn, Estonia by 6 Finnish friends in 2016. These young men didn’t have much experience from the industry, but more than that a good taste and burning ambition to create something unique. A high quality vodka and trade mark which has a message and meaning. The idea was pretty simple: “We will make a high quality vodka named Kiitos (Thank you in Finnish)”. After learning the industry step by step and finding all the best partners around – the story was ready to begin. 

Kiitos Vodka is made of pure grains and specially processed crystal clear water. Soft flavor and taste is an achievement of modern carbon filtration. No sugar or anything synthetic added.

Prizes and awards

Kiitos vodka is 2 x silver and bronze medalist winner in International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2018 which was held in London 24th July. Awards came from both Vodka – and Vodka & Tonic – categories and bottle design. This 49th time organized competition received entries from nearly 90 different countries which were judged by over 400 global experts. 

BUY: ALKO (Check store availability & order), ECKERÖ LINE, VIKING LINE, LIVIKO STORE, KAUBAMAJA.